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1 Bath House 1000 rubles/hour
2 Birch Broom 150 rubles/piece
3 Bicycle 150 rubles/hour
4 Ball (football, basketball, volleyball) 50 rubles/hour
5 Boat 150 rubles/hour
6 Boat with motor 1000 rubles/hour
7 Badminton 50 rubles/hour
8 Horse ride From 1000 rubles/hour
9 ATV ride From 2900 rubles/hour
10 Tour “Rope course Sherwood” From 300 rubles/hour

Dear guests,

Aside from listed above you can always rent paintball in advance, as well as game “Kyykka and elite fishing”. Additionally, in winter you can rent snowmobiles, snowshoes, sleds and husky riding. For further information please contact us via email turbazaraduga@mail.ru.